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Cleaning Services to Safeguard the Environment

Citron is a ‘cleaning services company‘ in Abu Dhabi, UAE, offering all types of cleaning services to keep the environment clean and safe. We are having comprehensive solutions for cleaning services. Our services include all types of environmental services like Commercial Cleaning,  General Cleaning, House Cleaning, Office Cleaning, Deep Cleaning services, etc. Citron Environmental & Transport became the most trusted environmental services company in Abu Dhabi, by our dedication and faultless services.

Services we offer

Grease Trap Cleaning -Before-After Service
Grease trap cleaning service is an important service that should be carried out on a regular interval of time.
Kitchen Hood Cleaning Services in Abu Dhabi, UAE
We provide all types of kitchen hood cleaning for commercial kitchens as well as small kitchens or home kitchens...
High Pressure Drain Line Jetting
Drain line jetting is a method of cleaning blocked drainages by high-pressure water jetting. This method is safe and eco-friendly.
Sewage Tank & Sump Pit Cleaning in Abu Dhabi, UAE
Sewage tank cleaning is a cleaning service that should be carried out very carefully. Only experienced people can do this.
Drain Maintenance and Grease Dosing System
The dosing solution in the drain dosing system degrades grease deposits and forms a natural culture barrier in drainage lines.
Water Tank Cleaning Service using pressure water jetting
Water tank deep cleaning is a service that should be carried out at regular intervals of time to ensure the hygiene of drinking water.
Skip Services - Waste management
Citron is a well-known skip service company in Abu Dhabi. We provide different sizes of waste skips and manage waste removal effectively.
Grease Trap Supply and Installation
Grease traps are essential for commercial and restaurant kitchens. We provide grease traps for home kitchens or commercial kitchens.
Grease Trap before treatment
Grease trap treatment is a service used to clear blocks in drainage systems. The microorganisms in grease trap treatment will degrade FOGs easily.
Cooking Waste Oil Collection
Used cooking oil collection is an important service of Citron. We collect all types of used cooking oil such as vegetable oil, coconut oil, sesame oil etc.
Tanker Services
Citron provides tanker services all over in UAE. We mainly provide 'water tanker service', and 'drainage tanker service' of moving water carrying waste.
AC duct cleaning
We provide professional air duct cleaning services in Abu Dhabi. If proper AC duct cleaning is not done, it may affect your health by causing respiratory issues.
Kitchen Exhaust system cleaning includes all the kitchen hood, grease duct, and exhaust fan cleaning.
Heavy Equipment Rental
We provide large equipment rentals like backhoe loader, JCB boom loader (540-170), wheel loader, trailer etc.
General Cleaning Services in Abu Dhabi
Citron provides all types of cleaning services like deep cleaning, office cleaning, home cleaning, carpet cleaning, etc.
We are specialized and experienced in removing grease that accumulates inside the ducts of the kitchen exhaust system.
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