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Eco Trap (BLOC) Grease Trap Treatment

Eco Trap(BLOC) is the best solution for blocked grease traps. Then it comes in contact with the water. A grease trap is designed to stop the solids and grease from entering the sewer system. The fats, oil, grease (FOG) and solids that accumulated in this grease trap become problematic after some time. Also this accumulation causes strong odor production. So the grease trap cleaning is necessary. The maintenance of grease trap becomes easy with this grease trap treatment product, Eco- Trap (Bloc).
Eco-Trap uses biological nutrients and stimulants to increase the natural bacteria colony population to promote FOG breakdown. The more beneficial bacteria present in grease traps, the more ability it has to break down fats, oils and greases filling up.

The treatment helps resolve mechanical, compliance, and odour problems, and comes in three different forms:

Eco-Trap L - a liquid which can be automatically metered through a pump system;
Eco-Trap P - a powder in water-soluble packets that can be added to the grease trap at the end of the day,
Eco-Trap Bloc - a slow-release block added to a less turbulent part of the trap for extended treatment.

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