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We are the best Cooking Waste Oil Collection & Recycling Company in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

We are well-equipped to collect used cooking oil from restaurants and food kitchens. We recycle used oil, and saving money for businesses. A professional cleaning company like Citron can help you to collect used cooking oil to reduce your costs. Used cooking oil is a potential source of revenue for the public, private and commercial sectors. Most restaurants and food services companies use non-hydrogenated vegetable oils for deep frying. These liquid oils can be collected with a vacuum pump. Many kitchens use both kinds of oil for shallow frying. They are easier to collect because the oil gels or solidifies when the oil heats. If the fat and grease drippings turn into a gel or solid at room temperature, we collect that oil efficiently and safely. We collect used cooking oil from private homes, offices, food and beverage service facilities, restaurants and food service facilities, schools, hotels, hospitals and commercial kitchens We are always ready to take your used cooking oil or grease and help you to save money by recycling it.

Citron Transport environment & cleaning company is located in Abu Dhabi, UAE. We are a certified and approved cleaning company by Abu Dhbai municipality.

How We Clean and Convert Cooking Oil?

After collecting the Cooking Waste Oil from home, restaurants, food service facilities etc, we take the oil to our facilities. The first process is a test to make sure the waste oil is free of any chemical contamination. After that it is filled to special tanks where it is sterilized. Then run the waste oil through a high-speed centrifuge to remove any solids or sediments in it. The cleaned oil after the processes are used as an ingredient in feed and in bio-diesel production. The finished Bio-diesel is then tested to make sure it is safe for the environment. This product is the safest for the environment and is bio-degradable. If you want a little extra information about our Cooking waste oil collection and recycling service , feel free to contact us!

Let Us Recycle Your Used Cooking Oil!

Our cooking waste oil collection service is available for any home, restaurants, hotels and factories. For more details contact us soon...


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