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Citron is one of the top Grease trap cleaning service companies in Abu Dhabi, offering grease trap cleaning services all around in the United Arab Emirates. We are the leaders in Grease Trap cleaning, maintenance, supply and installation. Citron offers different types of grease trap cleaning and maintenance services like commercial grease trap cleaning, restaurant grease trap cleaning, residential grease trap cleaning, grease interceptor cleaning and maintenance, grease pit cleaning etc. Grease trap removal is a cleaning process where you require the help of a professional grease trap waste removal company. Citron, as the best grease trap cleaner company, is using advanced and environmental friendly techniques for an effective fat trap cleaning service.

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Does Grease Trap Cleaning required?

Yes, There are Municipality instructions to clean the grease traps regularly and to do proper maintenance. Grease Traps contain full of grease, oils and food wastes and hence grease trap cleaning should be carried out regularly. Proper cleaning and maintenance ensures a good drainage system which helps to flow out the waste water freely. If regular & proper grease trap cleaning are not done, blockages & rotting smell can happen in your kitchen. Always ask help from a professional cleaning company like Citron, to ensure your grease traps are cleaned well. Citron is a reliable cleaning company approved by Abu Dhabi Municipality Sector Regulatory AuthorityIf you neglect to clean and service the grease traps regularly as per Municipality regulations, you may need to pay fines imposed by the local governments.

Grease Trap Cleaning Service - Before Service
Grease Trap - Before Service
Grease Trap Cleaning Service- After Service
Grease Trap - After Service

How often should clean Grease Traps?

Grease trap cleaning should be done depending on the capacity and usage. Mostly grease traps are cleaned out on every one to three months. You can fix a regular time interval to clean grease traps or can follow a rule like; clean the grease traps when it reaches the quarter of its total capacity. Cleaning like this will help you to maintain a good grease trap system without odours and sink drainage issues. 

Most cities or countries will have their own rules and regulations for cleaning grease traps. These rules will clearly state, how a restaurant or commercial kitchen should clean  their grease trap systems. So, you should check the health & safety rules, not to violate them. A professional cleaning company like Citron knows such regulations in their service areas and can help you for not to violate any Municipality rules.

Why Choose Citron for your Grease Trap Cleaning Service?

Citron has vast experience in this field and are capable of doing services for any complex type of Grease traps. Other main reasons people rely on Citron are because of our assistance, efficiency, and budget friendly packages. According to Abu Dhabi Municipality guidelines, our experts will help you for regular cleaning & maintenance of grease traps.

Clients need not worry about any cleaning schedule, once you approach us for a serviceWhen we take up the task, we will start keeping a record of your cleaning dates and related information. Based on that information, we will remind you the cleaning dates and not to violate the government rules. We will take care of everything related to the task you assigned to us and ensure you a timely completion.  Our extensive customer care & support will make you happy and free from cleaning related chaos. 


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