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Citron offers the best grease trap treatment service in Abu Dhabi and all over in U.A.E.

The grease traps are used to capture grease, fats and cooking oil droplets and prevent them from draining back into the food preparation area. Grease traps should be cleaned regularly and should be inspected to make sure that they are functioning as they should. If proper grease trap cleaning is not done, odors and blockages can happen. This can also lead to the damage of waste water treatment systems. This damage can lead to potential equipment downtime and expensive repairs.  Failure of proper maintenance of grease traps and drainage systems according to municipality or government rules, can cause you fines and prosecution. It may lead to the closure of your business too.

Grease trap treatment is an avoidable service where large amount of FOGs/ grease/ fats/ oils are generated and released. Without a proper grease trap cleaning, FOG control and elimination program will not become complete. Grease trap treatment is an advanced technology to completely clean your grease traps & drains. Citron environmental services – the most trusted cleaning company in Abu Dhabi, is well experienced to treat the grease traps and drains in commercial kitchens and restaurants. Our grease trap treatment is packaged and formulated for the direct additions to grease traps and drains. The microorganisms contained in grease trap treatment are capable of degrading all types of FOGs and ensuring the best performance of grease traps and drains.

Regular and Proper use of Grease Trap Treatment Service Will Help You To:

Grease Trap before treatment
Grease Trap Cleaning -Before-After Service

Get your Grease Trap Treatment Service from a registered and insured company

Find environmental solutions for your kitchen fats, oil and grease. Trust our team, to give you the best service in time.


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