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Grease management systems and grease trap dosing units are commonly used by catering professionals and commercial kitchens. This system provides an automated daily dosing regime that prevents the build up of fats, oils and grease in the fat trap. The dosing solution help to degrade the grease deposits in the drain lines and grease traps; and forms a natural culture barrier to prevent further deposits and build ups.

Grease Trap Dosing Unit and Grease Management Systems

The Grease Trap Dosing Unit is also able to be used in conjunction with grease management systems.

A grease trap dosing system has been designed in such a way to allow the dosing of different volumes of grease trap dosing solution to be achieved as per the requirement of a client or operator. This unit is an ideal solution to ensure that all dosing regimes are met on a daily basis and grease trap dosing solution is never compromised. It can be easily installed in a commercial kitchen grease trap cleaning or event area with little disruption to your operation. The dosing unit is supplied on a standard frame and can be easily moved and installed in your drain maintenance lines and grease tra

drain maintenance grease dosing system

Benefits of using a Grease Trap Dosing Unit and Grease Management System

1) Reducing the amount of fats, oils and grease that can be deposited into the waste water and grease trap.
2) Reducing the amount of cleaning required in the grease trap.
3) Reducing the amount of solid wastes in the grease trap.
4) Providing a daily routine to the greasing cycle.
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